About Gemma Massey

34-year old Gemma Massey is an adult star from the United Kingdom. She was born on September 30th, 1984. She is 5'3" tall and weighs 99 pounds. Her measurements are: 32D-22-32.

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One thought on “About Gemma Massey

  1. Michael

    Starting on the right note here,
    I don’t watch “adult films” but I have a friend who does and he raves about you, so I looked you up…. Saw a few things, found your website. But just wanted to say, keep doing what you love, whether it be modeling or adult films, I’m definitely a fan of yours now, I’m for sure going to send you some fan mail, I hope you don’t mind if I draw you, I’m a sketch artist, non-professional :c
    You might get a few drawings from me in the future, look forward to it, might take a while since I’m in America though. Anyways thought I would tell you I support you, 100% you’re amazing.
    Okay, bye.


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